What We Do

Operation True Vision of Peace

We strategize to spread truth and knowledge through the power of the Internet, YouTube, Social Media and other news and multimedia channels.

To CALL for a united front of all:

  1. The Religious Organisations and Multi-Faiths, The Indigenous Communities, The Universal Spiritualists.
  2. The Consciousness Activists and Futurist Thinkers.
  3. The UN, NGOs, CICs, Humanitarian Organisations, Charitable Organisations and Corporations, Communities, Societies and Clubs.
  4. The Good Samaritans and simply people who care.
  5. The Awakened Politicians, Heads of State, authorities, policy makers, celebrities and role model leaders.

To participate in world-wide events of the following 5 major themes to be scheduled throughout the year:

  1. Save the Rainforest Day – Through a series of Meditation, Ceremonial Rites and Passage & Demonstrations to stop the devastations of mass deforestations.
  2. Save Live Water and Revive Dead Water Day – Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Crystal Intelligence activities – Meditation, prayers and call for awareness and demonstrations against the chlorination and fluoridization of our drinking water. Organize demonstrations against dumping of toxic waste into our seas, lakes and rivers. Organize voluntary environmental clean-up atrocities.
  3. Save Our Air - Meditation, prayers to 'cleanse the air'. Take action against the propagation of Chemtrails and other air pollution causing activities. Organize demonstrations against air pollution and factors contributing to it.
  4. Save Our Earth - Meditation, prayers for purifying and sanctifying the earth. Organize peaceful activities against land pollution and factors contributing to it, demonstrate against dumping of toxic waste into our earth. Organize voluntary environmental clean-up group activities.
  5. Save Our Souls (SOS Day) – Prayers and meditation to cleanse, purify and sanctify ourselves/souls to also rid negative and toxic thoughts that lead to negative outcomes. Call for disarmament, call for repentance and demand for an immediate halt of atrocities and assault on humanity.